April 10, 2014 Bringing Canada Back in Line
How a Carbon Price Can Help Reduce Canada's Emissions

This Issue Summary brings together the body of evidence and analysis Sustainable Prosperity has developed on carbon pricing, to answer some of the key questions about how a carbon price could work.

 March 26, 2014 The Importance of Natural Capital to Canada's Economy

Canadians enjoy immense wealth from our natural environment. This policy brief explores the critical role of natural capital in Canada's economy, and makes the case for including natural capital valuation in decision-making.

 March 3, 2014 Environmental Markets 2013
Our Second Annual Survey

Canadians benefit enormously from Canada’s natural environment, but the overall costs and benefits of how we use our natural world are not reflected in the prices of goods and services. By putting a value on something that isn’t currently valued explicitly, we can help promote economic activity that is environmentally sustainable.

Our annual survey of environmental markets measures the use of market creation to preserve our air and climate, biodiversity and habitat, and water.

 February 3, 2014 Biodiversity Offsets
A Primer for Canada

This background report establishes a common understanding of the use of biodiversity offsets, as applicable to Canada, and defines the issues that must be considered by policy-makers considering implementing biodiversity offsets.

 January 16, 2014 Government of Ontario Development Charges System Review

Development charges are important in helping municipalities to achieve fiscal sustainability. In order to achieve these goals, development charges need to be structured properly.

 December 9, 2013 Price Works: Toronto's Water Policy and Water Consumption Decline

Canadian municipalities are continually seeking ways to address high water infrastructure costs while encouraging water conservation behaviour. New research shows that pricing water could help municipalities realize these objectives simultaneously.

 December 2, 2013 Financing Residential Energy Savings
Assessing Key Features of Residential Energy Retrofit Financing Programs

This brief explores the case for using financing programs to promote energy efficiency actions in residential applications, and experience with these programs to date.

 October 28, 2013 Suburban Sprawl: Exposing Hidden Costs, Identifying Innovations

A look at the hidden costs of suburban sprawl, and how some Canadian municipalities are re-examining the policies the lead to expensive and inefficient development.

 September 24, 2013 Bonds and Climate Change 2013
The State of the Market: Canadian Supplement

Our 2013 update of the Canadian Supplement to the Bonds and Climate Change report, in collaboration with the Climate Bonds Initiative and HSBC.

 August 20, 2013 Designing Carbon Policy
Modelling The Implications For Canada

We know that appropriate economic incentives are essential for realizing most breakthrough innovations and that the absence of a meaningful price on carbon across Canada is a major impediment to low carbon innovation, technology deployment and behavioural change.


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