October 15, 2014 Getting Biodiversity Offsets Right
A Research Agenda for Canada

Biodiversity – most simply defined as the diversity of life on Earth – contributes to human wellbeing in a number of ways. This policy brief examines the role of biodiversity offsets in achieving conservation goals, and sets forth a 10 point research agenda, based on the February 2014 conference Biodiversity Offsets in Canada: Getting it Right, Making a Difference.

 October 14, 2014 A Study of Canadian Conservation Offset Programs
Lessons Learned from a Review of Programs, Analysis of Stakeholder Perceptions, and Investigation of Transactions Costs

This paper suggests a framework to evaluate conservation offset programs, and suggests lessons learned from existing programs.

October 1, 2014 MBIs, Climate Change and Sustainable Transportation Governance in Cities
Report and Case Studies

These two academic research papers look at how market-based instruments could have a significant impact in creating long term sustainable change in transportation, including detailed case studies from London, Paris and New York City.

 October 1, 2014 Policy Bundles for Reducing Transportation Emissions in Large Cities

Transportation - the movement of goods and people from one location to another - is responsible for about one quarter of Canada’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This policy brief draws on the experiences of London, Paris and New York City, who each used multiple policies in tandem to create behavioural change and reduce greenhouse gases.

 May 29, 2014 Working Paper: Pollution in Canada: A Review of the Literature and Initial Estimate of Costs

This working paper surveys the literature available about the costs associated with pollution in Canada, and arrives at preliminary figures for loss of asset values, loss of income and other sources of wellbeing, and out-of-pocket expenses.

 May 7, 2014 The Political Economy of California and Québec’s Cap-and-Trade Systems

This report aims to improve understanding of the political and economic factors that have led to the adoption of a linked cap-and-trade system in California and Québec.

 April 24, 2014 Issue Summary: Gains from (Cap and) Trade
Linking Quebec’s and California’s Carbon Trading Systems

This Issue Summary examines the mutual economic benefits that can be gained from the adoption of linked systems between distinct jurisdictions.

 April 10, 2014 Bringing Canada Back in Line
How a Carbon Price Can Help Reduce Canada's Emissions

This Issue Summary brings together the body of evidence and analysis Sustainable Prosperity has developed on carbon pricing, to answer some of the key questions about how a carbon price could work.

 March 26, 2014 The Importance of Natural Capital to Canada's Economy

Canadians enjoy immense wealth from our natural environment. This policy brief explores the critical role of natural capital in Canada's economy, and makes the case for including natural capital valuation in decision-making.

 March 3, 2014 Environmental Markets 2013
Our Second Annual Survey

Canadians benefit enormously from Canada’s natural environment, but the overall costs and benefits of how we use our natural world are not reflected in the prices of goods and services. By putting a value on something that isn’t currently valued explicitly, we can help promote economic activity that is environmentally sustainable.

Our annual survey of environmental markets measures the use of market creation to preserve our air and climate, biodiversity and habitat, and water.


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