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 September 29, 2014 Climate March, Climate Summit, Climate Tax?

By The Editors

Most economists agree that a carbon tax is the best way to slow climate change. Make energy derived from fossil fuels more expensive, they say, and let the market do the rest.

 September 22, 2014 Fighting climate change is affordable: notables

By Lynn Desjardins

The world can take steps to fight climate change and still have healthy, growing economies, says the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate.text

 September 18, 2014 Greening Economic Growth: How Can Environmental Regulation Enhance Innovation and Competitiveness?

By: Paul Lanote

A major challenge facing society is discovering new ways to grow economies without growing environmental impacts, commonly referred to as “decoupling” economic growth from environmental degradation.

 September 10, 2014 British Columbia’s Carbon Tax Shift: An Environmental and Economic Success

We often hear politicians' claims here in Canada and elsewhere that a carbon tax would destroy jobs and growth. Yet the evidence from the Canadian province that actually passed such a tax – British Columbia – tells a very different story.

 July 31, 2014 British Columbia's carbon tax: The evidence mounts

UNTIL recently, British Columbians consumed as much fuel per head as their fellow Canadians. Nothing remarkable distinguished their use of fossil fuel until, in 2008, they began paying a carbon tax. Six years later the province remains the only jurisdiction in North America to levy a charge on fossil-fuel consumption.

 July 23, 2014 Poll suggests BC's LNG expansion at odds with public support for climate policies

A new poll released on Tuesday shows British Columbians are eager to see the government keep its commitments under the Pacific Coast Action Plan on Climate and Energy.

 July 22, 2014 BC's Climate Plan Is Working, so Why Stop Now?

We know the carbon tax is effective. We know the public wants it. Time to ramp up our efforts.
By Josha MacNab

 July 22, 2014 BALDREY: Province nailed it with carbon tax

Other than beautiful scenery and having the same monarch, B.C. and Australia don't have much in common.

 July 9, 2014 The shocking truth about B.C.’s carbon tax: It works

When Mark Twain wrote, “Never let the facts stand in the way of a good story,” he could have been describing Canada’s current climate policy debate. Prime Minister Stephen Harper repeatedly claims that a carbon tax would “destroy jobs and growth.” Yet the evidence from the province that actually passed such a tax – British Columbia – tells a different story.

 June 30, 2014 B.C. put a price on carbon. What happened next will surprise you


When I pull up to the pumps in my small hometown on the coast of British Columbia, Canada, I pay more for a tank of gas than in California, my new home. Why? Because regardless of where gas prices hover at the moment, the B.C. government tops off every gallon with a 25-cent tax.

 June 27, 2014 Increase water prices for better infrastructure?


Cash-strapped Canadian municipalities are struggling to address the high costs of maintaining water and wastewater infrastructure.

 June 12, 2014 Trailblazing California-Quebec Climate Plan Faces Fossil Industry Pushback

When you combine climate change, an unlikely partnership between Californians and French-speaking Canadians—and the prospect of an 8-cents-a-gallon rise in gasoline prices—what do you get?

The energy industry vs. California. And Quebec.

 June 2, 2014 British Columbia: The case for a carbon tax

B.C. is Canada’s greenest provinces for a number of reasons, but its decision to put a price on carbon stands out as its greatest single achievement.

 May 28, 2014 Green Growth: Can Profits Help the Planet?

Is there a way to capitalize on capitalist motives and practices and live sustainably? IDEAS host Paul Kennedy hosts a panel at the University of Ottawa which wrestles with these very questions.

 May 28, 2014 How large is the Canadian environmental market?

It’s a question that is not easy to answer due to widely divergent views about what constitutes an environmental market.
However, a new report released last month puts the value of Canadian environmental markets at between $406 and 625 million.


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