Sustainable Prosperity

By: Michelle Brownlee November 13, 2014
Increasingly, companies are seeing that there are other things that also matter a lot – things that aren’t seen in their financial statements: natural capital.
By: Mercedes Marcano October 29, 2014
In my previous blog post I explained how Water Quality Trading (WQT) works and how this market-based instrument enhances the cost effectiveness of pollution control policies. In this second blog post I identify the top 10 lessons learned from Ontario’s small – but significant – experience with WQT.
By: Pomme Arros October 16, 2014
Learning from past successes to create the broad-based support for deep transformational change can occur through one simple concept: collaboration. Identifying villains and heroes, winners and losers has no place in the collaborative process necessary for such change.
By: Michelle Brownlee October 15, 2014
We're losing biodiversity at an alarming rate. What policies can we use to slow or stop these losses? SP looks at market-based tools and one tool in particular - biodiversity offsets - to see what role they can play.
By: Mercedes Marcano October 8, 2014
In a 2-part blog (this is 1 of 2), we’ll look at how water quality trading (WQT) can help keep water clean and the lessons that can be extracted by looking at Ontario’s small, but relevant, experience using this market-based tool.
By: Stephanie Cairns October 1, 2014
Listening to last week’s UN Climate Summit call for stepped up action on climate change got me thinking about the urban mobility slice of the emissions pie. I took inspiration from the successes of three megacities (New York, London, and Paris) in persuading their urban populations to shift from private vehicles to transit, bike, and foot.
By: Mercedes Marcano September 24, 2014
I started working at SP in July. Having spent some time getting to know the organization and its dynamic team, I want to use this blog to introduce myself, explain how I got here and what I will be working on during my internship.
By: Adam Baylin-Stern September 16, 2014

A major new project looking at the current economics of climate change, the New Climate Economy today launched their landmark report Better Climate, Better Growth.

In this blog post, we look at some of the key messages in the report, and discuss what it means for Canada.

By: Michelle Brownlee August 28, 2014
Water has been in the news a lot this summer — from the historic drought in California, to the algae blooms in Lake Erie. So what’s a policy-maker to do? SP thinks part of the answer lies in price -- pricing water, and pricing pollution releases to water.
By: Stewart Elgie July 11, 2014

We've just finished crunching the numbers to see how British Columbia’s pioneering carbon tax shift performed in its first five years. Check out our oped in the Globe and Mail(external link) and follow this blog series, where we tackle the biggest questions about the policy.

Today, we look at the conventional political wisdom across most of Canada (and the U.S.) is that carbon taxes are a political loser. Is it true?

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