Building on Rio+20: Canada’s Role and Priorities in a Global Green Economy

Event Date: May 1, 2012 to May 2, 2012

May 1-2, 2012 | Château Laurier | Ottawa, Ontario

2012 marks the 20th anniversary of the Rio Earth Summit(external link). The 1992 Earth Summit(external link), attended by more than 100 Heads of Government, was intended to chart a course for global sustainable development with the aim of combatting climate change and protecting biodiversity.

This June, Brazil will host Rio+20(external link). While this meeting will be a stocktaking opportunity, it will also be forward-looking with the Green Economy taking centre stage. The Green Economy has been described by the United Nations Environment Programme(external link) (UNEP) as “one that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. In its simplest expression, a green economy can be thought of as one which is low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive.”

The Green Economy is increasingly on the global agenda as decision-makers grapple with multiple pressures – a warming climate, ocean acidification, deforestation, growing human population and loss of biodiversity – all of which could threaten long term prosperity, sustainability of the current global economy and the well-being of the planet’s citizens. As the world’s leaders prepare to gather in Rio de Janeiro on this important milestone, the Green Economy will be a key to ensuring global sustainability, and this represents both challenges and opportunities for Canada.

This two day conference examined Canada’s role in a global Green Economy by:

  • taking stock of Canada’s efforts to build a low carbon, Green Economy as an essential strategy for sustainable development on a global basis.
  • providing a cross-cutting view of the policy, economic and governance challenges faced by Canada and other nations, in the context of Rio +20.
  • identifying leading practices and solutions as well as challenges in transitioning to a Green Economy.

Keynote Speakers

Premier Jean Charest, Premier of Québec(external link)
Daniel Gagnier, Sustainable Prosperity Steering Committee Member and Chair, International Institute of Sustainable Development(external link)
Maurice Strong, 1992 Earth Summit Secretary-General(external link)
Brice Lalonde, Executive Coordinator, UNCSD Rio+20(external link)
Janos Pasztor, Executive Secretary, UN Secretary-General’s High Level Panel on Global Sustainability(external link)
Stewart Elgie, Director of the Institute of the Environment and Chair, Sustainable Prosperity(external link)
Jim Lopez, President and CEO, Tembec(external link)
Don Roberts, Managing Director, CIBC World Markets(external link)
Jim Burpee, President and CEO, Canadian Electricity Association(external link)
David McLaughlin - National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy President and CEO(external link)

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